Airframe Tube Cutting

I have found a new use for my "Coker Jig", cutting tubes to length. Check out John Coker's page describing perfect fin slots for a description on building the jig.  Cutting tubes has always been a problem for me. I haven't been able to find a way to cut them straight. Until now.
h10.jpg (132351 bytes)

After I had built a "Coker Jig" to cut the fin slots, I laid the jig on top of my table saw. I found that this would not only keep the tube perpendicular to the saw blade, but the tube could be easily rotated while cutting. 

Here's more of a side view of the jig on the table saw. It's important to note that the sides are longer than the base. This is what allows the saw blade to extend upward and do the cut. For this particular cut (7" off the end) I was able to use the normal saw fence as a guide for the cut length.

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