New Launch Schedule

Nike to fly at LDRS


May 14, 2001

The flight schedule of the Nike Project has been revised as follows:

The full flight of the Nike in it's two stage configuration is scheduled to take place at LDRS on Saturday July 21st. This decision was made so that the maximum amount of people could witness the flight, and to allow those who have already committed to seeing this project, also take in LDRS.

In order to minimize the risks associated with the Nike, and to ensure that the two stage flight will take place I have decided to certify Level III with another rocket. This rocket will be a 6", 3 fin rocket powered by a 75 mm M1315 motor. This flight will be done on Friday July 20, at LDRS. Both TAP committee members are in favor of this simple rocket idea for certification. Since the Level III certification was a formality of the Nike project and not the goal, this certification rocket will be called "Necessary Evil".

The upper stage of the Nike will serve as the backup plan for "Necessary Evil". This will only be needed if "NE" can not be repaired and flown again. 


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