Sustainer Fin Attachment

Since the Nike does not have a "fin can" in the traditional sense of the word. This page will describe the attachment of the fins to the 7.5" inside main tube. Fin attachment in the Nike project serves a number of purposes. The Motor Mount assembly, will become bonded to the 7.5" main tube via the fin root tabs.  
In this picture you can see the aft end of the motor mount. I the right hand side of the picture is the aft most end of the fin tab. The fins are filleted to the 98mm motor tube, and the 38 mm outboard tubes, and the centering rings. This bonds everything together to form a single strong unit.

Here's another view showing the fin tab attachment points. The aft most section of the fin tab attaches to three of the motor mount centering rings. It also straddles the middle centering ring.

During the attachment of the fins to the motor mount, the fins must be held in alignment to the main tube. This is done by using plywood supports. These support hold the two horizontal fins in exactly (more or less) parallel to each other. The vertical fins are aligned by the slot in the support for the lower fin, and simple eyeball method for the upper fin.

Note: The iguana has no intention of traveling with the Nike.

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After the fins have been full filleted to the motor tube, the fins & motor tube are pushed into the 7.5" main tube. All contact point between the main tube, motor mount, and the centering rings are coated with epoxy prior to sliding the motor mount in. 
The fins are now epoxied to the main 7.5" tube. Clamps and two pieces of 1" square tube provide alignment of the fin along the long axis of the main tube.

The fin to tube joint is reinforced with with a filleting layer of 10.5 oz fiberglass.

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