Sustainer Fin Slots

The fins slots for the sustainer section of the Nike were cut using a  "Coker Jig". Check out John Coker's page describing perfect fin slots for a description on building the jig.  
h06.jpg (135028 bytes) Here's a view of the jig and the router attached to the sliding top. The tube in the jig is a PML 11.41" tube that has been cut to a length of 41.5". See the page on tube cutting for details.

Here's a underside of the sliding top of the jig. The top is centered along the side by the use of some small angle brackets (four total). 

Note: The four pine blocks are needed due to my not understanding that 12" board is not 12" wide but only 11.25"

Prior to actually cutting the slot I placed a cinder block in both ends of the tube. This weight hold the tube stationary while cutting. The pencil mark is the end of the cut.
Here's a picture of the finished slot. Straight down the length of the tube. This particular cut is about 34 long. Now I just rotate the tube 90 degrees and make the other slots.

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