Internal Wiring 

There are three electronics compartments on the Nike.  The primary electronics on the port side, the backup electronics on the starboard side, and the R/C electronics on the topside of the rocket. The timer for the outboards is contained in the R/C compartment. 16 gauge stranded wire is used throughout the rocket. 

Here's a picture of the backup side wiring. There are a total of four wires traveling from the electronics compartment to the aft end of the rocket.

Two wires will be for sustainer ignition and the other two will be for lighting the outboards.

05-08-j.jpg (83308 bytes) In this picture you can see the primary and R/C electronics bays. Wiring running forward is for the drogue chute.

05-08-i.jpg (119967 bytes)

Here's a close-up of one of the the electronics bays. The holes along the left side are to help equalize the pressure from one bay to the others. This is just incase the rocket starts to come down horizontal. Four 1/4" holes on each side should be fine.

The wiring passing through the fins to the other compartment is for the outboards. Two wires for two of the four outboard motors.

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