Payload Section

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Basic Concept  
bulletThe payload section is the upper body tube.
bulletIt serves to hold the nose cone.  The Nose cone extends into the payload section 18".
bulletDirectly under that is the main parachute, and under that is the the main bulkhead.
bulletAt the aft most end the main coupler will be epoxied to the end.
bulletThe aft most section of the payload section contains the hatches (on both sides) for the primary and backup electronics bays.

Main Bulkhead

bulletThe main bulkhead serves as the main chute attachment point.
bulletTwo layers of 3/4" plywood were epoxied together and the joined with wood screws.
bulletTwo stainless steel u-bolts will be the main chute hard points.
bulletThe four notches around the rim are for the main chute wiring.
Lower Support  
bullet6 ribs of 2.5" wide, 6" long, 3/4" thick plywood make up the lower supports for the main bulkhead. These ribs will keep the bulkhead from traveling aft during ejection.
bulletThese ribs are epoxied to the payload section and bolted with two 1/4-20 screws each.
bulletThis first picture shows me apply and epoxy bead to seat the main bulkhead.  What may not be clear is I'm in the rocket to about mid-thigh level to do this step.
Seating the bulkhead  
bulletHere's a forward (first) and aft view of the main bulkhead.
Forward supports  
bulletThe forward support are the same thickness and width as the lower supports.
bulletHoles for the T-nuts were wetted out with epoxy before driving in the nuts.
bulletOver-kill? Maybe, but at 663 pounds on the pad, what would you be doing?
Forward supports Installation  
bulletThe forward support are epoxied and bolted to the airframe in four places. 
bulletNot sure if the epoxy or the bolts will be holding the entire load.
bulletWith bolts alone the force will be 83 pounds per bolt.
bulletWith epoxy alone this represents 7 PSI.
bulletBetween the two it should hold, and we will all know the answer when it flies.
bulletI like to say a special thank you to Melinda Catalano for her assistance in getting the upper and lower supports bolted down.




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